Feynman rules for Four Bosons Electromagnetism


  • J. Chauca CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Aprendanet, Petropolis, Brazil
  • Renato Doria Quarks, Petropolis, Brazil
  • I. Soares CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quarks, Petropolis, Brazil




A whole electromagnetism carrying four electric charge messengers is studied. Based on light invariance and conservation of electric charge, it provides a fields set {A,U, V± }. Something beyond Maxwell appears. The usual photon is accomplished by others electric charge porters, which are a massive photon plus two charged photons. They carry electromagnetic processes with charge exchange ΔQ = 0 and |ΔQ| = 1. There is still room for an electromagnetism on electric charge transmission to be understood. Through such so-called four bosons electromagnetism a new way to conduct the electric charge is proposed. It says that the electromagnetic phenomena is something more than Maxwells charge distribution. It establishes the presence of four fields association responsible for the electric charge transmission. It develops a quanta set which means electromagnetism based on eight messengers with spin-1 and spin-0 to be analysed. Thus given such fields collection AI ≡ {A,U, V± } one studies the corresponding propagations and interactions. Derive the corresponding Feynman rules for this electric charge transmission. The model shows itself renormalizable and unitary. New features are obtained as selfinteracting photons. The photon is no more necessarily coupled to
the electric charge. A diversity of coupling constants is obtained. The electromagnetism universality is on the ubiquous photon and not on the electric charge as coupling constant.


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Chauca, J., Doria, R., & Soares, I. (2016). Feynman rules for Four Bosons Electromagnetism. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS, 11(6), 3382–3398. https://doi.org/10.24297/jap.v11i5.351