Focus and Scope

JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS: is a scientific, international, peer-reviewed and an open-access journal devoted to the field of Physics and provides rapid publication of articles frequently in its issues. JAP publishes original review papers, as well as auxiliary material such as Research Papers, Case Studies, Review Articles, and Reports, etc. JAP is the place for the exchange of information and research results within all areas of Physics and allied fields.

Journal of Advances in Physics scope includes but not limited to the following fields:

5G Compatible mmWave communications, Massive MIMO communications, Free Space Optical Communications, Cooperative Communications, COMP in MIMO FDM/OFDMA, Fading and Interference mitigation, Channel Equalization and Coding

Metals, Metal alloys, Soldering and Bearing applications, Modern physics, Grid batteries, Origin 

Renewable energy research, specially photovoltaic materials, and devices

Nonlinear Dynamics

Synthetic Metals, Alloys, and Compounds

Waste Plastics to Fuels Technology, Waste to Energy, Electricity Storage and backup, Electricity Production, UHV and Surface Sciences, MOCVD, Single, and Poly Crystal X-ray Diffraction

Heat Conduction, Non-Linear Dynamics, Pseudopotential Theory

Foundation of Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Environmental Physics and Pollution Prevention, Electromagnetic Fields, Forensic Physics, Classical and Quantum Computation,  Physics of Materials

Energy,  Quantum Mechanics, Inverters, Solid-state, Physics group, Quantum Field theory

Radiation detection, Radioactivity, Detectors, Gamma Spectrometry

Black hole physics, Soliton Solutions of Nonlinear Equations, Higher Derivative Gravity F(R) Gravity, Non-trivial topology in Gravity, Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field, Scalar-Tensor and Dilaton Gravity, Entropic Force

Alloys and Compound, Phase Transitions

Luminescence, Oled

Material Characterization, Materials, Thin Films, Nanotechnology, X-ray Diffraction, Optics, Ardunio, Microprocessor Programming, Microcontrollers, Embedded systems

Energy Storage and Conversion, Solar Devices, Laser Photolysis

Optics, Nano Structure, Astronomy

Electronic properties of ?2?6 type solid solution films, Heterojunctions of ?2?6 type solid solution films for solar cell, negatron phenomenons, nanocrystallites, Electrochemical deposition, Nanotechnology

Integrated Ring Resonator Systems, Optical Communication Networks, Optical Fiber Laser Communications,  Optical Wired/Wireless Communication Systems, Photonics & Electro-Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Optical Engineering, and Optoelectronics  Quantum Electronics, SecuredOptical Communication Systems