• Laxmi Rathour Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Chaltlang, Aizawl 796 012, Mizoram, India;
  • Dragan Obradovic Department of Mathematics and Informatics, School "Agricultural High School" Pozarevac – Serbia
  • Lakshmi Narayan Mishra Department of Mathematics, School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore 632 014, Tamil
  • Kejal Khatri Dept. of Mathematics, Government College Simalwara, Dungarpur 314403, Rajasthan, India;
  • Vishnu Narayan Mishra Department of Mathematics, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Lalpur, Amarkantak 484 887, Madhya Pradesh,



MATLAB, mathematics teaching, partial differential equations, educational tools


This paper aims to describe the application of educational tools with which it can develop interactivity and help pupils and students to better and more clearly understand mathematics and to understand that it is all around us, that it is our everyday life. The paper will show the ways of creating mathematical educational materials and their use. The calculation of partial differential equations has a wide application. Many problems in scientific research and engineering can be mathematically modeled by partial differential equations. A differential equation containing multiple independent variables is called a PDE (partial differential equation).


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Rathour, L. ., Obradovic, D. ., Narayan Mishra, L. ., Khatri, . K. ., & Mishra, . V. N. . (2023). SOLVING PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS IN MATLAB. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS, 21, 274–281.




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