Best Quadratic unbiased Estimator for Variance Component of One-Way Repeated Measurement Model


  • Abdulhussein Saber AL-Mouel AL-Basrah University-Iraq
  • Jasim Mohammed Ali Al-isawi



Quadratic Estimator, Repeated Measurement Model, ANOVA Method, Variance Components, Quadratic Form


The studies of analysis of variance components is one of the important topics in mathematical statistics for this subject of wide application. In this paper given best quadratic unbiased estimator of variance components for balanced data for linear one-way repeated measurement model (RMM). We computed the quadratic unbiased estimator, which has minimum variance (best quadratic unbiased estimate (BQUE)) by using analysis of variance (ANOVA) method of estimating the variance components.


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Author Biography

Abdulhussein Saber AL-Mouel, AL-Basrah University-Iraq

Mathematics Department, College of Education for Pure Science

AL-Basrah University-Iraq


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AL-Mouel, A. S., & Ali, J. M. (2018). Best Quadratic unbiased Estimator for Variance Component of One-Way Repeated Measurement Model. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS, 14(1), 7615–7623.