Research and Application of Digital Classroom Teaching Development in the Post-Pandemic Era


  • Tongxing Li School of Mathematics and Statistics, Taishan University, Taian, China
  • Yongfeng Zhang School of Mathematics and Statistics, Taishan University, Taian, China
  • Xiaoyu Tan School of Mathematics and Statistics, Taishan University, Taian, China



Multimedia teaching, Student-centered, Advanced Mathematics, Digital classrooms, Big data technology


With the continuous development of information technology, digital classrooms are becoming more adapted to the demands of talent cultivation in the modern era. The digital classroom teaching model is a reform of traditional teaching methods, and constructing a digital classroom allows for more flexible organization of instructional design, fostering students' creative thinking and enhancing their overall qualities. Seizing the opportunity for the development of applied universities, our school is constructing a locally distinctive path of information technology. This article takes higher mathematics as an example to elaborate on the practical application experience of digital classroom teaching development. In conclusion, this article summarizes the shortcomings in the process of digital classroom construction, which holds certain reference value and significance for future work.


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