On Regional Boundary Gradient Strategic Sensors In Diffusion Systems


  • Raheam Al-Saphory Department of Mathematics,College of Education For Pure Sciences,Tikrit University,Iraq.
  • Ahlam Y Al-Shaya Department of Mathematics,College of Education For Pure Sciences,Tikrit University,Iraq.




DDP-Systems, RBGS-Sensors, ERBG-Obsevability, WRBG-Obsevability


This paper is aimed at investigating and introducing the main results regarding the concept of Regional Boundary Gradient Strategic Sensors (RBGS-sensors  the in Diffusion Distributed Parameter Systems (DDP-Systems  . Hence, such a method is characterized by Parabolic Differential Equations (PDEs  in which the behavior of the dynamic is created by a Semigroup ( of Strongly Continuous type (SCSG  in a Hilbert Space (HS) . Additionally , the grantee conditions which ensure the description for such sensors are given respectively to together with the Regional Boundary Gradient Observability (RBG-Observability  can be studied and achieved . Finally , the results gotten are applied to different situations with altered sensors positions are undertaken and examined.


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