Coincidence points in θ - metric spaceS


  • Maha Mousa Ministry of Education, School Shamsalmarifa, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Salwa Salman Abed Department of mathematics, College of Education for pure science Ibn Al-Haitham, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.



coincidence points., non-commuting mappings, Generalized metric space


In this paper, inspired by the concept of metric space, two fixed point theorems for α−set-valued mapping T:₳ → CB(₳), h θ (Tp,Tq) ≤ α(dθ(p,q)) dθ(p,q), where α: (0,∞) → (0, 1] such that α(r) < 1, ∀ t ∈ [0,∞) ) are given in complete θ −metric and then extended for two mappings with R-weakly commuting property to obtain a common coincidence point.


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Mousa, M., & Salman Abed , S. . (2021). Coincidence points in θ - metric spaceS. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS, 20, 60–65.