The Classification of Permutation Groups with Maximum Orbits


  • Behname Razzaghmaneshi Islamic Azad University



permutation group, bounded movement, orbits, permutation group, bounded movement, orbits


Let G be a permutation group on a set with no fixed points in and let m be a positive integer. If no element of G moves any subset of by more than m points (that is, if Capture15.JPGfor every and g 2 G), and the lengths two of orbits is p, and the restof orbits have lengths equal to 3. Then the number t of G-orbits in is at most Capture21.JPG Moreover, we classifiy all groups forCapture31.JPG is hold.(For Capture4.JPG denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x.)


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Author Biography

Behname Razzaghmaneshi, Islamic Azad University

Department of Mathematics
Islamic Azad University,Talesh Branch,Talesh, Iran


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