Splitting Decomposition Homotopy Perturbation Method To Solve One -Dimensional Navier -Stokes Equation


  • A. S. J Al-Saif Collge of Education for Pure Science, Basrah University ,Basrah
  • Takia Ahmed J Al-Griffi Collge of Education for Pure Science, Basrah University ,Basrah




Splitting scheme, Adomian decomposition, homotopy perturbation method, Navier-Stokes equation, convergence analysis


We have proposed in this  research a new scheme to find analytical  approximating solutions for Navier-Stokes equation  of  one  dimension. The  new  methodology depends on combining  Adomian  decomposition  and Homotopy perturbation methods  with the splitting time scheme for differential operators . The new methodology is applied on two problems of  the test: The first has an exact solution  while  the other one has no  exact solution. The numerical results we  obtained  from solutions of two problems, have good convergent  and high  accuracy   in comparison with the two traditional Adomian  decomposition  and Homotopy  perturbationmethods . 


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Author Biographies

A. S. J Al-Saif, Collge of Education for Pure Science, Basrah University ,Basrah

Department of Mathematics

Takia Ahmed J Al-Griffi, Collge of Education for Pure Science, Basrah University ,Basrah

Department of Mathematics


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