• Y A Amer Faculty of science, Zagazig University
  • S M Ahmed Faculty of science, El-Arish University,
  • ManarM Dahshan Faculty of science, El-Arish University
  • N M Al Faculty of science, Suez Canal University,




Vibration control, nonlinear oscillation, perturbation technique, sub-harmonic resonance.


Chaotic behavior of6 ï† -Rayleigh oscillator with three wells is investigated. The method of multiple scale method is used
to solve the system up to 3rd order approximation. Effect of parameters is studied numerically; all resonance cases are
studied numerically to obtain the worst case. Stability of the system is investigated using both phase


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Author Biographies

Y A Amer, Faculty of science, Zagazig University

Mathematics Department

ManarM Dahshan, Faculty of science, El-Arish University

Mathematics Department

N M Al, Faculty of science, Suez Canal University,

Mathematics Department


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Amer, Y. A., Ahmed, S. M., Dahshan, M., & Al, N. M. (2016). DYNAMICAL CHAOS IN 6  -RAYLEIGH OSCILLATOR WITH THREE WELLS DRIVEN AN AMPLITUDE MODULATED FORCE. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS, 12(8), 6545–6552. https://doi.org/10.24297/jam.v12i8.5074