Applications of the ideals in the measure theory and integration


  • Doris DODA Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Finance, Barleti University
  • Sokol SHURDHI Department of of Applied and Computer Sciences, Barleti University



∆- convergence in a discrete , ∆- continuity, Weak compactness, Point-wise I -convergence, Symmetric differences, Bohner-type ideal integrals, Weak convergence, Banach spaces, Ideal exhaustiveness


In this paper, we will represent some applications to various problems of mass theory and integration, by using the concept of local convergences and exhaustive sequences. We will continue the idea of point-wise I -convergence, Ideal exhaustiveness that was introduced by Komisarski [3], and Kostyrko, Sal´at and Wilczy´nski [4]. The equi-integrable introduced in Bohner-type ideal integrals and a new study on the application of symmetric differences have been presented in the theory of mass and continuous functions, continuing the results of Boccuto, Das, Dimitriou, Papanastassiou [2]. 


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D.Doda , A.Tato, Applications of the ideal in the Bohner type integral, ISC-IMIT 2019 abstract book+cover.pdf, ISBN:987-1-78911-006-7, 22-23 November 2019.

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