Results on a faster iterative scheme for a generalized monotone asymptotically


  • Athraa Najeb Abed Dep. Of Math. Colle. Of Education for Pure Sciences Ibn Al-Haitham University of Baghdad
  • Salwa Salman Abed II Department of Mathematics, college of Education for pure science Ibn Al Haitham,



Banach space, fixed point, momotone mappings, α-nonexpansive mapping, iterative scheme


This article devoted to present results on convergence of  Fibonacci-Halpern scheme (shortly, FH) for monotone asymptotically αn-nonexpansive  mapping (shortly, ma αn-n mapping) in partial ordered Banach space (shortly, POB space). Which are auxiliary theorem for demi-close's proof of this type of mappings, weakly convergence of increasing FFH-scheme to a fixed point with aid monotony of a norm and  Σn+=1 λn= +∞, λ=min{hn , (1-hn)} where h⸦ (0,1)   where is associated with FH-scheme for an integer n>0 more than that, convergence amounts to be strong by using Kadec-Klee property and finally, prove that this scheme is weak-w2 stable up on suitable status.


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