The Dynamics in the Soft Numbers Coordinate System


  • Moshe Klein Tel Aviv University
  • Oded Maimon Tel Aviv University



Soft Logic, Soft Number, Coordinate system, plane strip, soft function, dynamics, recursive process, fractel, Mandelbrot, dynamics set


"Soft Logic" extends the number 0 from a single point to a continuous line, which we term "The zero axis". One of the modern science challenges is finding a bridge between the real world outside the observer and the observer's inner world. In “Soft Logic” we suggested a constructive model of bridging the two worlds by defining, on the base of the zero axis, a new kind of numbers, which we called ‘Soft Numbers’.

Inspired by the investigation and visualization of fractals by Mandelbrot, within the investigation of the dynamics of some special function of a complex variable on the complex plane, we investigate in this paper the dynamics of soft functions on the plane strip with a special coordinate system. The recursive process that creates this soft dynamics allows us to discover new dynamics sets in a plane.


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Author Biographies

Moshe Klein, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University

Oded Maimon, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University


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