Fuzzy Graphs


  • Huda Mutab Al Mutab King Saud University




Fuzzy Graph, Irregular Fuzzy Graph, Regular Fuzzy Graph


In this paper, neighbourly irregular fuzzy graphs, neighbourly total irregular fuzzy graphs, highly irregular fuzzy graphs and highly total irregular fuzzy graphs are introduced. A necessary and sufficient condition under which neighbourly irregular and highly irregular fuzzy graphs are equivalent is provided. We define d2 degree of a vertex in fuzzy graphs and total d2 -degree of a vertex in fuzzy graphs and (2, k)-regular fuzzy graphs, totally (2, k)- regular fuzzy graphs are introduced. (2, k)- regular fuzzy graphs and totally (2, k)-regular fuzzy graphs are compared through various examples.


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Author Biography

Huda Mutab Al Mutab, King Saud University

Computer Science Department, College of Science and Human studies in Durma, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia


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