Rio antirio bridge- an evaluation of the paragons involved in the decision making process


  • M Karaoulanis Rio antirio bridge- an evaluation of the paragons involved in the decision making process



Reasoning, bridge, state, decision analysis, evaluation


In this paper, the author will try to evaluate all the paragons involved in the decision making process of one of the engineering wonders of the world, the Rio- Antirio cable bridge from the Greek state. The evaluation will be based on the decision making process presented by the Malmnas and Paulsson in their 2015 compendium at Stockholm University. The involved paragons that will be examined are the traffic, the geophysical concern, the economics of the project and the positive adjustments made by the Greek state in the formation of the contracts. The scope of this paper is to underline the complexity and the significance of the above mentioned project on a global range, as well as its importance not only to the local but to the whole European society.


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